How do I know if my seeds are any good?

Assume that all dark coloured seeds will work, even if the seeds are delicate enough to be crushed

In general, light green or white seeds do not germinate, but most dark coloured seeds germinate if they have good conditions.

I once believed that marijuana seeds were “good” only when they were hard and dark. One of the first attempts to test new cannabis seeds for treatment I heard was to try to crush them between my fingers. If the seeds can be crushed, they are not good, at least I was told. That turned out to be absolutely great advice!

Some of the best plants I’ve grown since then came from seeds that are thin and can be crushed between your fingers. If you provide good conditions for growing marijuana (as explained above), I have found that many seemingly “weak” seeds germinate and form exceptionally strong plants and large stems.

I do not believe that plant health is directly related to the apparent “health” of the seed. When a seed comes, it’s a good seed!

Growth method 1: Starting blocks and seedlings (Rapid Rooters)

One of the best methods of growing cannabis is to use specially made starter cubes and seedlings. These plugs accelerate the growth of cannabis. Place the seed in a cube or stopper, add water as instructed and the seedlings will automatically be in perfect condition for growth.

Each cube or stopper already has a hole where you can place your seed specifically. Simply place the seed in the pre-cut hole and squeeze the top a little with your fingers. Don’t worry, you can’t destroy this part – As long as the seed is in it, you should be fine.

Bag of Rapid Rooters

These are round bottom instead of a cube, which means they can’t stand on their own. This is best suited for hydroponic settings, where the Rapid Rooter is located directly at the final destination. With our Rapid Rooters, we have almost 100% germination in our hydroponic sets, better than any seedling cube we have tested.

Round bottom (do not stand alone without support) if you do not press the bottom so that it is flat like this grower (photo)
Ideal for using Rapid Rooter directly at the destination (hydroponic, soil etc.)
Get 50 Rapid Rooters per pack

Rapid Rooters Mat

This type comes packaged in a mat (usually 98). All individual Rapid Rooters are split and have a seed hole, but need to be cut or pulled from the entire pad. Unlike the Rapid Rooters class, which comes in a bag, these are made of cubes and flat at the bottom, so they can stand on their own. This makes them ideal for growing in a shallow water bath, where the cubes should be able to stand on their own.

Quickly break the dice from the mat (already cut with pre-cut holes)
It has the shape of cubes with a flat bottom so that they can easily stand alone.
Great for smoothly moving your seedlings
Get 98 Rapid Rooters per pack

Tray of Rapid Rooters

The Rapid Rooters tray is ideal for seeds or cloning. Let your young plants sit in a bowl of water until their roots are well shaped and ready to be planted at their destination. The standard size drawer is suitable for most wet domes. You can refill the Rapid Rooters from a bag or pad.

Once you open the package, you will see 50 Rapid Rooters already in the bin. The rest of each Rapid Rooter has a hole in the bottom to damage the water in the tank. The upper part rises from below. Just add the seeds and pour water into the bowl – Rapid Rooters will do it all for you.

Ideal for cloning or planting seeds with a wet dome (standard 10- to 20-inch domes such as this 7-inch length recommended for cannabis seeds as a clone)
Easy transplantation to a new destination
Just add water and seed, that’s it!
The whole box can be filled with any type of Rapid Rooters (from a bag or mat)
With 50 Rapid Rooters, ready for use